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How can I send voice notes?
If you are in Firefox OS 1.1, you can not. The operating system does not provide any way to capture the sound from the microphone so it is not possible to record the human voice.

If you are in Firefox OS 1.3 or later you can find in Marketplace some sound recording applications. You can use attach multimedia from OpenWapp and use that software to record your message and send the voice note.

How can I change the conversation wallpaper?
You should make long tap on the conversation background and select a picture. It will be centered and stretched to cover the background.

I cannot register my phone. It shows a message saying "Phone number does not seem to be a number from the selected country".
OpenWapp tries to verify your number is correct. If that message is shown, please verify:

  1. You've selected the correct country for your SIM card.
  2. You've enter the number without the international prefix.
  3. You've enter the complete number including the area / state code.

I cannot register my phone. It shows a message saying "There was an error registering your number. Please check your connectivity settings".
This message can have several causes. Check in order.

  1. Usually you are not connected to the Internet. Try to open the browser and visit some webpage.
  2. The date on your device is wrong. Please, check your date and time are correct.
  3. Your phone is incorrect. Check you are not typing the international prefix nor the country prefix. Check you are typing your country code but not the operator code (for some countries).

I cannot register my phone. I never receive the PIN message.
Please ensure you're entering your correct number, see the question above for some advice you should take into account. For duplicated SIM cards, there is a known issue about the SMS being sent only to the original SIM instead of the duplicated one.

I cannot register my phone. It says I need to wait for some minutes.
This is because you have tried to register twice in a short period of time so you need to patient and wait. If you received previously the SMS with the code, you can press the button "I already have a code" to enter the code you received.

I cannot see the contact's status.
The contact's status is displayed in the conversation profile. You should tap on the name of your contact or the subject of the group to access the conversation profile.

How can I save the contact's picture?
Simply go to the contact's profile by tapping on the title of a conversation. Then tap on the picture.

How to delete a 1 to 1 conversation?
Long tap on any conversation in the inbox and you will be asked for deleting that conversation.

How to delete a group conversation?
Enter the group conversation, tap on the subject in the header, scroll to down and you'll see a red button. With that button you will leave and delete the group.

How to delete a single message?
Long tap on a message inside a conversation and you will be asked for deleting that message.

How can I save a multimedia message sent to my Firefox OS
If you have 1.1 version, all your multimedia will be open via the native browser. You can save your media by long pressing on the player and choosing save. The problem is you try to access the media from OpenWapp conversation, you will need to re-download the media.

If you are using a version > 1.2 then you can open multimedia from OpenWapp conversation, then choose to save by tapping on the top-right corner. Now you can display the multimedia from four device storage simply by tapping on the message in the OpenWapp conversation.

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